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Switzerland and Libya have opened the settlement process of their dispute following the arrest and detention of Motassim Bilal Kadhafi (Gaddafi, Qaddafi), a.k.a Hannibal and his wife. Both States have agreed to submit their dispute to an arbitral tribunal so as to assess the legality of the methods used in the arrest of Hannibal Kadhafi and his wife in Geneva, July 2008. The content of the agreement is available on the website of the Swiss Confederation.

Let us briefly sum up the facts that created this dispute. In July 2008, Hannibal Kadhafi and his pregnant wife Aline came to Geneva where Aline intended to give birth. They were arrested at the hotel President Wilson by the Police forces, for having allegedly beaten two of their employees.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Growth – for some represented by a large bank account or joining the ranks of the super-rich; for others a fulfilling situation of modest self-satisfaction. There are worlds between the two and a French children's rhyme shows well just where unchecked growth can lead: “In a pond, a lily doubles in size everyday. In thirty days it covers the whole pond. It's growth doesn't seem threatening as long as enough of the water's surface can be seen. Even on the twenty-ninth day half the pond is visible. But on the thirtieth day the pond is overgrown.” Growth fuels fear and anxiety. A fear of rapidly growing markets, the (even) greater divide between rich and poor, the crowding out of SMEs by global players or of competition for the best workers. The fear of being squeezed out or of a deterioration in the economic climate; of crises, recession and unemployment.Growth also often triggers overwhelming euphoria, the consequences of which are excessive bonus payments, speculation on the real estate, derivatives and commodities markets, and price bubbles. or the forcing up of prices. In such situations, public confidence in the economy swings between fear and euphoria.

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WIPO - Geneva, July 31, 2008

Increased patent filings in North East Asian countries (mainly China and the Republic of Korea (ROK)) and the United States of America (USA) drove growth in worldwide filing of patent applications, which topped 1.76 million in 2006, representing a 4.9% increase over 2005, according to the 2008 edition of the World Patent Report of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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Quelque 58,4 millions de francs ont été confisqués dans le cadre d'une procédure pour blanchiment d'argent, conduite à Zurich. La Suisse et le Japon se partageront cette somme à raison de moitié, ainsi qu'ils en conviendront par un échange de lettres qui aura lieu mardi prochain. Ces fonds sont le produit d'infractions commises par l'organisation criminelle Goryôkai.

La confiscation et le partage des valeurs patrimoniales en cause de même que la condamnation des auteurs au Japon sont le résultat de l'étroite collaboration entretenue par les autorités des deux Etats.

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On se souvient des choux gras il y a un an: l'Union Européenne entendait imposer aux cantons suisses des obligations fiscales; d'ailleurs, notre imposante "entourante" (l'Europe est plus qu'une voisine) entend toujours imposer ces obligations. C'est du moins ce que l'on peut déduire du fait que, un an après, les discussions à ce sujet vont toujours bon train. Ce blog avait déjà proposé une brève analyse juridique (Fr) de la question, concluant bien vite que la jalousie européenne à l'égard de notre place financière constituait un fondement bien plus crédible pour les revendications que l'accord de libre-échange de 1972.

One recalls the headlines of the press a year ago: the European union was decided to have the Swiss cantons modify their legislation concerning corporate taxes.
It so happens that it was not simply a mere moment of weariness from our European "surrounder" (it is far more than a neighbour), for the matter is still being discussed between the two parties. Today, representatives from the European commission and Switzerland met in Bern for the third time. This blog had already mentioned briefly the issue from a legal point of view (Fr), only to conclude that the basis for the EU's issue towards us was rather a jealousy towards our financial market than the free-trade agreement of 1972.
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Un bref billet pour signaler une "FAQ" (PDF/fr) publiée par l'IPI (Institut fédéral de la Propriété Intellectuelle) répondant à certaines interrogations liées aux marques enregistrées à l'occasion de l'Euro 2008 Suisse / Autriche, dont un extrait est reproduit ci-dessous, en français et en anglais.

A brief article to point out a "FAQ" (PDF/en) issued by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, which answers a few questions related to the trademarks that were registered on the occasion of the Euro 2008 Switzerland / Austria. An abstract is reproduced in French and English (see below).

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