Ferizaj, (Kosovapress) 25 June 2012 15:46

The Municipality of Ferizaj has the chance to learn a lot from the experience of Martigny city of Switzerland, and a delegation of this city stayed today in Ferizaj and met the municipal officials. On this occasion, it was said that these two cities have many things in common, whereas Ferizaj will benefit development experience from the experience of this city, especially in the field of tourism.

The Mayor of Ferizaj, Agim Aliu informed them on current potentials, and gave details on economic development and investment possibilities offered by municipality of Ferizaj. Among other things, Aliu said that the municipality that he leads, has high potential of human resources, which is showing the ability for inclusion in business initiative.

The head of the department for youth, tourism and health of Martigny, Michael Hugon emphasized that the initial contact is established and they hope for mutual cooperation. Hugon said that the officials of Ferizaj have accepted the visit to their city, where will be set the fields of cooperation. He said that they will support Ferizaj by their experience on tourism, as they learned that this city has resources.

The Swiss delegation was consisted as well of Albanian representatives of this city. The head of Albanian community in this municipality, Ragip Limani said that the Swiss delegation has good impression from this visit, adding that they are here in order to deepen the cooperation with Kosova's cities.

Skender Haliti, activist from Ferizaj, who has been living and working for many years in this city in Switzerland, said that it is a good beginning and he hopes on this initiative, as these cities have many things in common, starting from same geography up to economic potentials.

“We had a fruitful meeting with the officials of the municipality and we saw their readiness for cooperation. We are interested for a twinning project between these cities and to strengthen the partnership. Martigny city will offer many development experiences to Ferizaj, we believe that details will be known following the visit of a delegation of Ferizaj to this city,” Haliti said.