This blog is about my travel in Palestine the last summer with the 108th civil mission CCIPPP (Campagne Civile Internationale de Protection du Peuple Palestinien) (14-29 August 2005): Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethleem, Bil'in... I would like you to see what I saw MYSELF in the Holy Land.
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This is THE muslim doll. She comes from Syria, she looks like Barbie but there is a big difference: she wears hijab and abaya outdoor...She has indoor fashion too, which are more occidental.
She has no "Ken" or any other boyfriend but she has two friends: Nadia and Yasmeen.
My sister has got one that I bought in Hebron. In fact, this is a great success in Palestine and in all the Middle East!

So...DO YOU LIKE FULLA??? Vooooooooote!

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Est-ce-que les Français sont aussi Palestinophiles que les Palestiniens sont Francophiles?
I ask U.....
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