Right now I'm sitting in the Airport of Doha, nice view from the windows, lots of desert and sometimes a plan is passing by. The airport is clean an spacious and depending on where you are sitting, free wifi access.

At this point I would like to thank the travel agency who forgot to mention that I have my diving equipment with me. As a diver you are allowed to have some extra luggage, but it has to be mentioned on the ticket. Believe me that at 70 CHF per extra kilo it can make a difference in the price of you holiday.

Then in the order idiocy, my carry on luggage was also too heavy. 10kg instead of the allowed 7, easy fix here. Take the camera with the heaviest lens around the neck and there you go I just got rid of 2.5 kg and was allowed to proceed. Of course the first thing I did when I left the check-in... put the camera back in the bag.

Well can't wait to carry on my journey to Male and do some diving.