The Japanese who travel aboard really miss Japanese food. I think anyone after while miss the local dishes, but having spent two weeks in Japan I didn't really miss anything. They have a great choice, and the quality is amazing.

And the best, you can eat 24/7 : )

If you are hungry, do not continue reading this article and don't look at the pictures.

Edamame, great as appetizer instead of peanuts. Very enjoyable with a cold Japanese beer.

Nippon - Japan - Edamame - Food

The Japanese are keen on French naming or sentences... isn't always meaning full though...

Nippon - Japan - Restaurant Mouffetard- Food

Nippon - Japan – squid - Food

Nippon - Japan – Yakitori - Food

Okonomiyaki, something that you have to try if you are in Japan. Simply delicious.

Nippon - Japan - okonomiyaki - Food

And at last, a simple chicken sandwich...

Nippon - Japan – chicken sandwich - Food