Does a picture tell the truth? What do you think of that lion on the pictures below?

Male Lion looking agresively

Does it look to you as if he is aggressive or sleepy? Well look at the next one?
What do you think? Need a third picture?

Male Lion looking

Yes, he was simply giving us big yawn, he then moved two meters away and fell in the grass back to his nap. The impressive thing is that when he lied down... he disappeared in the grass. The next picture is a shot at where he is laying down.

Male Lion looking agresively

I guess that is why you are not supposed to leave your car when you are in the Kruger National Park. A lion could be sleeping just next to you, and once you have left the car he will eat you.

Male Lion looking agresively

You can't see him doesn't mean he isn't there...

And some more pictures for the pleasure of your eyes.

Male Lion after haven eaten a Zebra

Female Lion

Female Lion close up

All this reminds me that I still haven't seen the Lion King movie...