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So, what happend?

Well at some point I was sitting in that plane and while it was climbing I had a nice last glance at Geneva from the sky... with a jet eau and all the lights by night, postcard feeling.

So that makes you think that it is a nice place and I'll probably start enjoying it differently once/if back : )

Off from Zurich now where the flight was most of the time very smooth so the sleep with the Gin & Tonic was very good. Though the red wine on Swiss could be improved. Speaking of improving why is it that the screen on the plane have such a limited viewing angle? I understand you don't want to disturb your neighbour with light of the screen, but no good if you can't see the screen because you are too tall. This is ok when the guy in front of you is sitting straight, but obviously the one in front of me put it down almost immediately after the sign allowed it.

Crazy heart was despite the screen a good movie. And the singing is anyway more important there. Avatar would have been crap...

Well I landed in Thailand and arrived in Pattaya, can't remember much of the drive as I have been a sleep most of the time.

So what are the first impressions? Well the first reaction from my body was sweat, and only to be told a bit later that it just cooled down a bit and that we are on terrace in the shadow with a breeze.

Second impression, the road where I am living on is in construction, so it looks very messy. Not to speak from the electric work that is close to art and would make go every Swiss electrician just speechless. Haven't seen any sparks but some humming is coming from certain Pylons... Speaking of electric, I hope it is the high temperature and not the odd current that is heating up my laptops power supply.

Thappraya Road in Pattaya

On the first evening I had my first beach party for some guys who just finished their Dive Master certification. Great fun and a nice roasting pig on the bbq (and by pig I mean the whole animal)

The internet connection at the hotel where I stay is down due to the road construction. So luckily the dad of a friend who lives next to Pattaya has lent me a USB stick for the connection. Not as fast as DSL in Switzerland but still very nice. As I can sit in my room in the cool and not outside the dive shop where it simply get very very very and again very hot. While writing this I realise that I'm running at around 4 litres of water right now, and that I still should drink more... I wonder if I need more water that my body is able to absorbe.

So one last picture from my trip today, a Giant Buddha carved with laser in Gold on the cliff of Kaho Chee Chan.

Giant Golden Buddha in stone at Kaho Chee Chan cliff
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Does a picture tell the truth? What do you think of that lion on the pictures below?

Male Lion looking agresively

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When you look at the pictures you have taken... You see that the subject is in focus, the colours are good, there is slight blur due to motion that give a little something to the picture... but you have to live with the fact that you just missed the perfect shot... by holding the camera in portrait instead of landscape for example...

On the other hand, I still like the picture. This out of frame gives it a special character.

Baby Lion at Tschukudu

Here some more shots taken of that little baby lion at the Tshukudu private game lodge in South Africa.
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My last try to get a picture of the moon was not really rewarding.

It looked like this:

The Moon

Today, I took my new 100-400 lens with an extender 2x, this gives you a total of 800mm on the lens. But, on the Canon EOS 40d you end up with 1280mm due to a 1.6x FOV

Anyway enough of the technical part, the result looks like this:

The Moon with a 800mm lens

And as would sing Katie Melua; Blame it on the moon !

ps: the picture was not taken with a tripod!
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The Japanese who travel aboard really miss Japanese food. I think anyone after while miss the local dishes, but having spent two weeks in Japan I didn't really miss anything. They have a great choice, and the quality is amazing.

And the best, you can eat 24/7 : )

If you are hungry, do not continue reading this article and don't look at the pictures.

Edamame, great as appetizer instead of peanuts. Very enjoyable with a cold Japanese beer.

Nippon - Japan - Edamame - Food

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I came back around a week ago from Japan, it was the first time I went there. And I can only say, hope this was not the last!

It really was a great experience, and I think that I made some nice pictures as well.

So enjoy the first two pictures, more to come:

Nippon - Japan - Flag - Tokyo

Beautiful temple in Japan - Tokyo
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